Calculators and Cravats

As the role of the CMO has spiralled wider and wider, so the range of skills needed to cover the whole marketing span has multiplied.

Part of our business offering is that tooling up with world-class people who have all these skills is often impossible. We supplement our client teams with our people. People whom we’ve hired to fill the skills required in the wide continuum of disciplines.

Some people call this left brand versus right brain. Others talk about analytical thinkers versus creative thinkers. We refer to these extremes as Calculators and Cravats. What started out as an in-house shorthand, has now firmly taken root.

Whichever way you choose to characterise them, we believe it takes all sorts to make a brand and business successful in this day and age.

We help businesses by hiring brilliant people and deploying diverse teams

John Nichols


John Nichols is one of the co-founders of Bridge F61. His career began in retail and commercial marketing working for Oddbins, Seagram, Kingfisher, Sainsbury’s, Nokia and Microsoft.

John became West Europe Marketing Director for Nokia in 2010, and then moved to Finland in 2013 when he became Global Brand Director for Nokia. This included global geography GTM program execution.

In 2014, he made partner at Microsoft and after an amazing time with what is now the world’s most valuable company, he decided to leave the corporate world in 2017. After several years of consulting privately for innovative tech start-ups and big brands, he called his old colleague Will to discuss what might happen if they went into business together - In summer 2018, Bridge F61 was born.

John believes that measurability is necessity, not luxury, and results are everything. He is obsessed with technology, purpose-driven brands and working with great people.

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Will Harris


Will Harris is one of the co-founders of Bridge F61. His career began agency-side where he worked on a succession of brilliant brands, including Orange, Tesco, Stella Artois and Pepsi.

In 2000, as Chief Marketing Officer, he led the rebrand that created O2 before moving on to Nokia where he was UK Marketing Director and then CMO for Asia. After roles as global Chief Marketing Officer of two brands under LVMH, Will became CEO of Mission Media. In 2015, he became Chief Marketing and Strategy officer at Karhoo, and in 2016 he took on the role of Chief Marketing Officer for Battersea Power Station, Europe’s biggest regeneration scheme. In summer 2018, Will founded Bridge F61 with his friend, John Nichols.

As a creative strategist, Will is passionate about building plans that don’t just live in a presentation, but have real-world impact.

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