I want to get ready for the bounce

I want CMO advice without hiring a CMO

I want a commercial partner, not just a creative one

I want to launch in the UK but I don't know where to start

I want someone to tell me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear

If you are a brand or business owner and want to see how we see your world, please be in touch

In summer 2018, John and Will asked themselves three questions


Could a team of the best marketing practitioners attract enough clients to create a business?


Would CEOs and CMOs bolster, jump-start or even replace their teams using ours?


Could a diverse team with diverse thinkers provide a point of difference for us?

Bridge F61 is an agency that thinks like a client

We never knew our model would be as successful as it has been.

Today we service a wide range of clients with our wide range of consultants, counting the likes of Samsung, EY, and Sky among our client base.

We still believe too many clients are over-paying for poor marketing services. The sector is ripe for disruption.

We provide a faster, more accountable, more commercial, modern approach than the old guard.

We're always learning, but here's what we know so far. We are...


in our outlook, approach and experience. When you have grown up, lived and worked around the world as much as we have, it's impossible not to think without borders.


in what we do and how we do it... we move at speed. Part of our rejection of the old ways is people who spin things out so they can charge more money. This makes us very angry.


with access to a scale of resource and an unrivalled network. We have more fingers in more pies than Fray Bentos. If we don't know a way in, we will know someone who will.


as we always see the big picture and can see a problem from every angle. That's bigger than marketing, bigger than business, bigger than consumers, bigger than politics.


it's the cornerstone of business. Returning mums, graduates, ethnic minorities, old guys, young guys, guys and girls. We think different because we are different. It makes us... different.