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Enable new capabilities and skills

Working with your teams to make changes

Bridge F61 is guarantor of project success

Reduces chances of internal dislocation


Deliver results as practitioners

Creation and delivery of materials

With in-house or third-party agencies

Deep expertise and network to deliver


Leave powerful legacies

Build long-term programmes & campaigns

New business and marketing models

Smart reorganisations and restructures

We'll help you make your marketing team, brand and business hum

Business strategy
Business strategy to execution

We are particularly interested in the gap between what your business is selling and what the market wants to buy. We use a mixture of data and insight to assemble a robust of view. Then we’ll hold a mirror to what you are actually doing, and help you close the gap.

Marketing strategy
Marketing strategy to execution

If your marketing strategy is not making your business more successful, then it’s not working. If you can’t prove it’s working, then it’s probably not the right strategy. From strategy, to planning, to activation, it only works if it works.

Brand strategy
Brand strategy to execution

We believe brand is everything. You just don’t need to spend nine months and millions of pounds on goatee-wearing consultants to create one. That’s not how the world works these days. Brand is as much about what you do, as how you dress.

GTM strategy
GTM strategy to execution

We love a Go-To-Market plan. For our money (and yours) it’s the very best way of launching complex products into multifarious channels, and keeping everything aligned with business, marketing and brand goals.

Digital strategy
Digital strategy to execution

The bad news is if your business is still in the digital transformation stage, then you have a problem. The world has moved past that and has already transformed. The good news is that we have a number of tried and tested shortcuts to help make your business digital in the right way, at speed.

We like to think we do all these things with our unique blend of intelligence, agility and experience